Case Study - HR Harmony

Rubik's HR management software simplifies key processes like recruitment and payroll. It automates leave calculations, streamlines payroll, and offers asset management capabilities, enhancing efficiency and productivity. With Rubik's solution, clients can focus on strategic growth initiatives while optimizing operational workflows.

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Rubik has implemented a comprehensive HR management software solution for 3CSI JSC. Our platform has simplified key HR processes, making tasks such as recruitment, onboarding, performance evaluation, and feedback collection more efficient and effective.

One of the standout features of our software solution is its ability to digitize the holiday process for employees. Through advanced algorithms, the platform automatically calculates and tracks days off for each employee, taking into account factors such as accrued leave, approved requests, and company policies. This streamlined leave management system eliminates the need for manual tracking, reduces errors, and ensures accurate and compliant leave records.

In addition to managing holidays, our software system has transformed the company's payroll process. It calculates salaries based on various factors such as working hours, shifts, overtime and work on days off, ensuring accurate and timely compensation for employees. This feature enhances payroll accuracy and efficiency, saving time and reducing administrative burden.

Furthermore, our software solution extends beyond HR processes to include asset management capabilities. By registering and tracking company assets, the platform provides visibility into asset location and status, enabling better asset utilization and management. Whether it's office equipment, company vehicles, or IT assets, the platform ensures that assets are accounted for, properly maintained, and utilized to their fullest potential. This feature enhances operational efficiency and it reduces asset-related costs.

Overall, Rubik's HR management software solution has transformed the way 3CIS JSC manages its HR processes and assets. By digitizing key processes, automating repetitive tasks, and providing comprehensive solutions, we've empowered our clients to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and focus on strategic initiatives for organizational growth and success.

What we did

  • Automation
  • Process Management
  • Laravel
  • VueJS

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